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Have you been in an uncomfortable situation where you wish your apps were locked? Well, we have the perfect app for you. AppLock is an amazing app that will help you to block apps on your phone. But now, you must think how is this different from the screen lock? Well, with this you will be able to lock the apps that you want. If you only want to lock your photos, then that will be it. If you are interested in how to download AppLock, keep reading this post.

No more slips, with this app you can hide everything you want, keep your privacy safe and lock every app that is important to you. AppLock is a free app available for Android and iOS, but if you need the APK file, we will explain you how you can get it.

What can you do with AppLock?

If you like to keep your privacy, then this is the perfect app for you. No more friends looking through your phone, because now you can lock the apps that are important for you. You can lock everything, like your photos, messages, social media, adjust and so much more.

The best part about this app is that you can choose what apps you want to lock instead of locking everything. So, for example, if you want to lock only three apps, you can do it with this app and other people can look through your phone but won’t have access to those tree apps.

Another thing you can do with this app is to personalize it so it can fit you no matter what. You can change your unlock method to your favorite one, change your background picture, change the adjust of the app and so much more. This is what makes the app so good, you can modify and personalize what you want so it works better for you.

How to download AppLock?

Download AppLock and you will be able to keep your privacy safe. But if you want the APK file, we will explain you how to get it. It is very simple and it will take you only a few minutes.

Once you download AppLock there is no coming back, because you will love this app so much that you will use it all the time. This app is free and it is available on Google Play Store and the App Store. You only need to look for it, tap on download and wait for it to be ready.

But, if you want to download AppLock APK, then you can tap on our download option at the top of this post. Choose the system and then wait for it to download it. Once you have it on your phone, look for it, open it, accept the permissions and then tap on Install. It will take a few seconds until its ready on your phone. Is that simple!

Remember that you need to have able the unknown sources option on your phone to do this. Now you can download AppLock and keep safe your important information.

Download AppLock


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