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Learning a new language is very helpful in many situations, but the process of learning can be complicated sometimes. However, with all the technology we have nowadays, this can be simpler and even fun to do. There are different apps to learn, but today we want to talk about Beelinguapp, an app where you can learn different languages through reading, listening and hearing stories. Intuitive and engaging, once you download Beelinguapp you will have a powerful platform to start learning.

If you are interested in this tool and you want to know more, keep reading this post to find out everything. We will tell you how to download the app right now, and also we will share with you the characteristics of it, so you can know if this is the right app for you. Let’s start!

All the details you can find in this app

One of the reasons why this app is very popular is because it teaches you stories and fun texts that are simple to understand. These texts are going to be in your native language and also in the language you want to learn. This way, you can see and comprehend better each word and phrase.

The app will also read to you in the second language, so you can listen to the right pronunciation and follow the text at the same time. This way, you will be learning how it sounds and how it is spelled instantly. You can select words and more to have more details about it so you can understand all the things that are in the story.

Something great about this app is the amount of different languages that you have available. You can choose between English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and so much more. Choose your native language to start, and then choose the other languages that you want to learn.

How to download Beelinguapp?

If you want to download Beelinguapp in your device, you just have to tap on the download button we have here. This is a shortcut link that will take you to the official app store. You just have to choose the operative system of your device, iOS or Android, because it is available for both, and then you will see the right app store to get the app. Tap again on download or install, and you will get this app easily.

This is a free app that you can download right now on any device, and as soon as you get it you will be able to start learning everything about the new language that you want to try. The app is intuitive, simple, easy and even fun, so your learning process doesn’t have to be boring or difficult, through this app you can truly enjoy this new journey.

Download Beelinguapp


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