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Candy Crush is a classic in mobile games. Surely if you haven’t played it, you have at least heard of it in multiple times. If you still have not been able to join this addiction to candy that affected everyone worldwide, you should try Candy Crush Soda. We have a quick and easy download button, along with the instructions on how to download Candy Crush Soda. This game offers the same fun as the first version of the game but with a twist. Candy Crush Soda is a puzzle style game in which you must follow different strategies until all candies disappear from a board.

Candy Crush Soda is an easy game to learn and you will have a lot of fun with its colorful levels, which offer a different challenge on each one of them. It is also a game which you can challenge and share with your friends and family through Facebook. If you are interested in learning more about this game, keep reading this post and we will show you how to play and how you can download Candy Crush Soda.

Playing Candy Crush Soda

Candy crush Soda is a fun game with puzzles full of candy, in which the main goal is to remove all the candy from the board. This game offers levels with different challenges from those of its predecessor, where the board will also be filled with soda and can help you finish the level, or could complicate it even more.

As in all games, Candy Crush Soda will become increasingly difficult as you level up. You will have limited lives a day, which you can increase by asking your friends to share or buy them. Some interactions with your Facebook friends will be key to move forward, making it a perfect game to challenge friends and family.

Candy Crush Soda Saga has 75 different levels in which you will have to gather candies, jelly beans and other trinkets, to make them disappear from the board. The goal, as always, will be to get the three stars in each level, which will allow you to get all kinds of gifts.

How to download Candy Crush Soda

If you have an Android device you can download Candy Crush Soda for free by visiting Play Store or simply by clicking on the “Download” button above. The download will be on your mobile device in a few minutes. Then you just have to accept the installation and you will have this fun game on your mobile. But, if you use the PC instead, use the same “Download button” in your PC’s browser. Then, when the download is completed, you can transfer the file to your device.

To download Candy Crush Soda for iOS devices, you can visit App Store directly from your device and search the application. Then you just have to touch Download and you will have this app on your device. If you are using the computer to download the application, you have to open the iTunes program to download the application; then synchronize your device with the PC. You’ll see the new Candy Crush Soda icon on your device, ready to play.

Download Candy Crush Soda

Candy Crush Soda

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