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Chrome is Google’s Internet browser, and one of the best tools we can have on our mobile devices. It is the most used internet browser in the world thanks to the number of advantages it offers to users. We can have this internet browser on all our mobile devices with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In addition, we can download Chrome for our Windows computers. Now we show you everything that Chrome has to offer and how to download this amazing tool on your devices.

Why download Chrome

It is well known that Google is one of the largest Internet companies since the beginning of the internet. Google owns much of what we know on the Internet, such as Android, YouTube, all the tools such as Gmail, Drive, Maps, Google Earth, etc. He also owns the mobile brand ‘Pixel’, and an infinity of other things. This is why it is not uncommon for Google to have its own internet browser: Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is the most complete and secure Internet browser we can have. Download Chrome is one of the first things you should do when buying a new device. So you can surf the internet with the fastest and safest. This browser will help you to live a better experience in Google, because you will know your preferences and search will be faster.

Chrome will also know your favorite websites and you will be able to access them more quickly. It includes a strong defense against viruses on the internet. And it also protects your privacy taking care of all your data. Download Chrome is ideal if you want to live the best internet experience on any of your devices.

How to download Chrome

You can download Chrome on most of your devices and computers. Chrome is available for Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In any of these operating systems download Chrome is completely free.

Chrome for Android comes installed automatically on devices with Android Marshmallow and up. If your device does not have Chrome, go to the Play Store and the app will appear in the recommendations of the main page. If it is not there, type ‘Chrome’ in the search engine and install the app.

To download Chrome on iOS you must go to the Apple Store. In the search bar type ‘Chrome’ and press the option to install the app. In a few minutes you can start using Chrome as your internet browser.

For Windows Phone the process is the same. Go to the App Store and look for the Google Chrome app. It will only take a couple of minutes to have this tool on your device.

If you want to download Chrome on Windows computers, you should do the following. In the browser that you have installed default on your PC opens the Google page. Search ‘Download Chrome’ in the search bar and enter the first result. You will be on the official Chrome page and you will see the option to download the browser on your computer.

Once you have made the download you must proceed with the installation of the program. In a couple of minutes you can start using Google Chrome.

Download Chrome


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