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Since the popularity of streaming platform has reached new levels, we all want to have and enjoy our favorite content in one of these platforms. However, most of them are paid and it is complicated to access for everybody. Now you can get a great streaming platform for free, and you just need to download Crackle. In here you will find different movies and shows for free, from the most popular and classic Hollywood, to the newest productions. Through this app you can enjoy all what you want, in the best way.

Crackle is a popular platform that offers access to thousands of title for free. In this app you don’t need to pay or subscribe to any service, and you can watch movies, shows, series, documentaries and more for free. It has a huge catalog and it is very easy to use. So, if you want to start enjoying this app right now, keep reading this device to do it, and we will also tell you what you can find in it.

Discover all the things you can do with this app

To use this app, you just need to create an account to start. This process is very simple and you just need to put in some of your personal data, or you can create it through one of your social media accounts. Once it is done, you can start browsing your account and personalizing it easily through your likes. The app will recommend you different shows and movies that goes along to your favorite content.

To watch any show or movie, you can search by title in the app. Then, tap on the movie or show, and it will start to play. Since it is a streaming service, you don’t need to wait for it to load or anything, it is instant and fast. You can also see the description and details about the show. You can know about the director, actors, producers, and a short description about what is about.

Crackle has a big catalog of famous Hollywood movies, from the most popular to the ones that are not so familiar. It also has a catalog of series and shows that are very famous and that you can access to them all the time for free. This is a complete app where you can enjoy all the content you love.

How to download Crackle?

You can download Crackle right now on your device through our page. Down below you have a download button. Tap on it, because this will redirect you to the official app store that you need. It can be Google Play Store or the App Store. Then, you will see the app, and you need to tap on the download button under it. Accept the conditions and wait a few minutes until the app is completely installed in your device.

Crackle is available for Android and iOS devices. It is available for free, so you can download it right now and start enjoying all your favorite movies and shows.

Download Crackle


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