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Learn how to download Facebook Messenger for your mobile device. This is definitely an essential app, and installing it is incredibly easy. Nearly everyone in the world these days knows about the social site Facebook. And practically all of those people are already using it! Connecting people all around the world with its many features and social games, it quickly became the No.1 social media site in the world. Later on, its mobile application made it much easier and more fun to use on all kinds of devices.

Facebook created its messaging service to make it easier and more enjoyable to connect, chat and call friends all around the world. A few years ago, they created a unique, stand-alone messenger app that millions of users enjoy every day. When you download Facebook Messenger, you’ll be amazed with the new features they’ve added. I’ll tell you a little bit about them. Feel free to skip to the download instructions at the bottom of the post, or straight to the download link above.

Why download Facebook Messenger?

By far my favorite thing about Facebook Messenger is how it “floats”. It can be a pain to toggle back and forth between the different apps you have open, especially if you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and do something else at the same time. When FB Messenger is open, you’ll always have a little bubble that floats in the foreground for easy access. It makes life so much easier.

Using FB Messenger, you can make free phone calls to your Facebook friends. You can send images and videos, either taken by the app’s camera or chosen from your gallery. You can send other kinds of files, too.

You can create a group of friends to make a group chat, and you can add friends to a current conversation. FB Messenger will you find your Facebook friends by synchronizing the contacts in your device. When you find a friend who is not among your FB friends, you can easily view their profiles and send them a friendship request.

You can enjoy the app’s big collection of stickers and emoticons for different occasions, emotions, moods, celebrations, etc. Like, for example, if you send one of the Love Stickers, your conversation will be full of floating hearts. A very recent update added the ability to change the color of each conversation and choose an alternative for the big blue thumbs-up. You can also search the web for images while staying in the chat box.

The last reason to download Facebook Messenger is because you basically have to. No, really – the full-size Facebook mobile app won’t let you send messages anymore. They redirect you to FB Messenger. If you really hate this, you can get around it by using Facebook Lite instead.

How to download Facebook Messenger

First of all, you can have FB Messenger on your device in a snap by using the download link at the top of this post. Or you can do things the traditional way: search for the app in the market that serves your device’s operating system. That would be Play Store for Android, the App Store for iOS, etc. Tap “DOWNLOAD”. When your download is complete, tap the app’s icon and log in using your Facebook username and password.

Once you log in, the app will take you to a tutorial, and then it will start asking you to set it up. You’ll be able to manage notifications, add your number and sync your contacts. In just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to chat with your friends on Facebook Messenger!

Why not give stickers a try? In your first conversation, tap the emoticon icon. You’ll be taken to the stickers page to choose the collections you want to have on your messenger app. Tap on the ones you like, tap “Done”, and you’ll be back in the chat window with a ton of fun stickers and emoticons.

Download Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

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