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If you are into Battleland Royale games, then you definitely already know about Fortnite. This game is extremely popular right now and it has developed a version for every device you can have. Fortnite is a unique experience that for sure will bring you hours of fun when you are with your friends and even if you are playing by yourself. Once you download Fortnite we can guarantee you that you will have the time of your life.

This game is really easy to understand, and if you have already played some similar games, you definitely know how this goes. But if you are new on this and want to know how to start, this is the perfect place to star. On this post we will tell you everything you need to know about this game and what you need to do to download Fornite.

How to play Fortnite?

As we mentioned before, if you already played some similar games, you won’t have any issues understanding Fortnite. But in case you haven’t, the first thing you need to know about this game is that the main goal is to survive and be the last one standing in the land. To make this possible, you need to make a strong strategy and find the best weapons to kill your enemies.

Once you download Fortnite, you need to create your account. Choose your favorite character and then you can start playing. You will see that you can select any area on the map to drop, so start exploring every zone until you know them very well. Once you drop, you need to start looking for guns, armor, and materials to build a refugee. You can also find aid kits that will help you to recover.

Go through the map, avoiding and killing your enemies. You can plan a strategy you go around them, surprise them or even just hide so they won’t see you. But be careful, because in the way you can be caught up in the red zone. This is a dangerous zone where bombs are dropping every second and you can get killed.

This mobile version is incredibly because you can also play in duos or squad, so you can play with another friend or play with a team of 4. This way you can have more chances to survive and be the last one alive. But this is not everything, in this version you can also create your own map. If you are really creative, you can build your land and the most popular ones will be featured in the game.

How to download Fortnite?

If you want to download Fortnite APK right now you can just tap on the download button at the top of this post. Once you do it, choose your device system and then wait a few seconds until you have the file. Install it and now you can start playing.

You can also find Fortnite in the Google Play Store or in the App Store or iTunes for free. But, make sure your device is updated and can support this game.

Download Fortnite


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