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Having our tasks well organized is fundamental when we have many things to do. That’s why Google offers a service called Google Tasks that allows you to manage your tasks comfortably; and that you can synchronize with your mobile devices. For this you can use the GTasks app, a task manager designed for synchronization with Google Task, but also allows you to use the app offline without Google account. If you want to keep your tasks organized in one place, in this post we have a quick and easy download button with which you can download GTasks

GTasks has a simple interface, easy to use and above all very complete with which you can keep all your tasks organized and synchronized with your Google account so you can manage everything from wherever you are. If you want to have this fabulous tool in this post we show you how to download GTasks

Why Download GTasks

GTasks has the same functionality offered by the Google Tasks service. With this you can create as many lists as you want to have a better management of all your tasks and not forget any. To your tasks you can put an expiration date, which will be synchronized with Google Calendar and also this app allows you to put an alarm so that the mobile phone alerts you at a certain time when you must perform this task. Download GTasks will allow you to be synchronized with Google Tasks, so that the changes you make will be reflected in both sites, so you can create your tasks from the web and continue later with your mobile.

On Android devices, Gatsks offers you two types of widgets. One normal and one large, where you can choose which list you want to show on your desktop and its color, this will makes it much easier to see the pending tasks you have without the need to open the app each time.

How to download GTasks

Download GTasks is very simple, and here we explain how.

On iOS devices (iPhone or iPad): You must go to the App Store from your device or by entering iTunes from your computer. Search in the search bar “GTasks” and the app will appear in the results. Select it and then press “Install”. After you download and synchronize the app you will see it available on your home screen ready to use.

On Android devices: To download to your device with Android operating system you can use the quick download button located at the top of this post. This will download an installer file in apk format that you must have on your device. If you downloaded it from your computer, you can transfer it to your device via USB or Bluetooth. Locate this file using a file manager. You will usually find it in the ‘downloads’ folder. Select it, accept the permissions that are required and then press “Install”.

You can also enter the Google Play Store, search for GTasks, and press “Install”. You must wait a few moments until the app notifies you that it has already been installed.

Download GTasks


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