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If you use a Smartphone one of the first things you should download is an instant messaging app. In this way you can communicate with your friends via the internet in a very simple way. Hangouts is one of the best instant messaging apps you can have on your Smartphone. This app was designed by Google for Android users, but you can also download it on your iPhone. Start now to experience the Hangouts. Now we show you everything you need to know about this amazing app and how you can download Hangouts on your Android and iOS. Keep reading!

Make videocalls and chat with your friends using Hangouts

Hangouts is an instant messaging app with which you can send and receive messages completely free online. This app is a creation of Google, and was designed primarily to be used on Android devices. But finally they decided to turn it into a free access app; so you can also use it on your iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad.

Hangouts includes many useful tools that will help you to make communication easier. This app is so efficient that many corporations, schools and companies use it to make video conferences live. In addition, it is widely used to make feedback in online courses and jobs. Among these tools you will find video calls, chats, sending and receiving documents and much more.

The video calls in Hangouts are excellent. If you have a good internet connection you can share audio and video in HD; These are completely free since they are made through the internet. But if you want to make a long video call, it’s best to have a Wi-Fi connection; otherwise you must use a mobile data plan.

You can also send and receive messages to any part of the world using the internet. When you download Hangouts, the app will take all the people who use the app from the contacts on your phone. But you can also use Hangouts as the default app to send and receive SMS. Using this app you can send files, audios, videos and photos to any of your contacts.

One of the best things about Hangouts is that you can also have it on your computer. For this there are two options; you can download the Chrome add-on or go to your Gmail account. In the left sidebar of your Gmail, you’ll see your Hangouts chats.

How to download Hangouts?

Downloading Hangouts is really easy. This app is completely free and available for Android and iOS. On most Android devices you will see the pre-installed app. But if this is not the case, you should only download and install the app. At the beginning of this post you will find a ‘download’ button with which you can download the APK file of Hangouts. You can also get this app on Google Play and App Store.

Download Hangouts right now and start living the best video calling and instant messaging experience.

Download Hangouts


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