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In the world of technology your need to sing up in almost every app, web-site; in this you have to add your personal information and create passwords, some of them even ask for your credit card’s information; this information is vulnerable to hackers every day and at any time, they can steal them and supply you. Lastpass helps you to protect you and all the information that you put on these apps. And if you are that kind of person that is always having troubles to remember things this is another problem that Lastpass can help you to solve. You can save in it all the user names that you have created and the different passwords for them. Now we show you how to download Lastpass.

Features on Lastpass

Lastpass is a must have app. With this you can protect your basic information on your different devices. This application has some amazing features that are really helpful. One of them is that it has Fingerprint recognition so no one but you will have access to the app. Your user and passwords will be filled automatically so you don’t have to write them every time you get online; add it to this you can connect all your devices by synchronizing the data base. Download Lastpass to make everything easier.

How to download Lastpass?

To download Lastpass is an easy process. You just need to follow some simple steps in order to download it. If you use an android device and you are reading this on it you just have to click the bottom “download” at the top and the download will star immediately. Tap the file and then install it.

Your second option has a little bit more of steps but it is also very easy. If you are reading this on your PC, go to the top of the page and click on the option “download”. After finishing this process you have to transfer the APK file to your device; to do this you can use the Bluetooth or connect your device through an USB cable. When you finish this you have to look for the file on your device, you can use a file manager to help you, when you find it, tap it and install it. The last option is to visit the google store on your device, search for Lastpass app and download it.

If you are an iOS user and you want to download Lastpass you have two different ways to get it. First one, on your computer open iTunes; then open the app store, once you are here look for Lastpass, then connect your device and synchronize. The second option is on your device go to the app store, here search for the app, then download it and install it.

There is nothing better that feeling that you are safe & sound, and this includes all your basic information that gets out on the internet world, to feel that way you just have to download this app, install it and navigate safe.

Download Lastpass


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