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Currently the internet is not a completely healthy place for children; there are many online threats that could put our children at risk. So it is better to take care of the little ones as much as possible. For this, Facebook has created a completely safe version of Messenger for young children. With this app you should not worry about who can send messages to your children. Download Messenger Kids right now so your kids can have their own instant messaging app. Now we show you how this amazing app works and how you can download Messenger Kids on your Smartphone.

Messenger Kids is the best instant messaging app for your kids

We all know that Messenger is Facebook’s instant messaging service. With this you can receive and send messages, make video calls and much more. But now Facebook has created a version of Messenger ideal for children. With this the little ones can chat or make video calls with friends and family with complete security. In this app parents have full control over the children’s account.

To start using Messenger Kids children should not create a Facebook account; you can only create the app from the Messenger Kids account of the parents or an adult in charge. In addition, parents will be those who approve or disapprove children’s chat requests. And if required, the parent can delete or block contacts at any time. This will give you better control over who can talk with your children under 10 years old.

Another important tool is that you can place the app in sleep mode if you want your children to not use Messenger Kids at any time. In addition, sent and received messages can’t be deleted if hidden. The best of all is that in this app no ​​ads or purchases will appear, so you have complete assurance that your children will not spend money by mistake. This app is completely safe for kids because the parents can supervise and take control all the time.

Download Messenger Kids is very fun for children. With this app you can send messages to your friends or family adding fun emojis and stickers. In addition, in video calls you can add fun filters and effects for more fun. This app is the best way for your children to be in contact with their friends and family online. The app is completely safe and 100% supervised by parents. Start right now to use this amazing app.

How to download Messenger Kids?

You can download Messenger Kids on all smartphones and tablets. The official app is not available for all countries in Google Play and App Store; that’s why you can download the official APK from our website. You just have to go to the beginning of this post and press the ‘download’ button. It’s that easy to start using Messenger Kids on all your devices.

Download this excellent app for your kids right now. Messenger Kids is fun and guaranteed safety for the little ones.

Download Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids

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