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Puzzle games have been one of people’s favorites for years. Different companies constantly develop new games, but just a few them mix different types of games. Old man’s journey mixes puzzles, adventure with a beautiful, intense and emotional story about. As the name says, an old man that through his journey shows you his life, his experiences, his memories about his losses, regrets and hopes. This game has won multiple awards all over the world, to discover the beautiful and unique story of this old man you have to download Old man’s journey.

Features on Old man’s journey

This incredible game is a must download for every puzzle lover. The most amazing feature of this app is the graphics; the illustrations that it includes are made by hand, making it more special and emotional. Another great thing is that includes an original soundtrack that mixes emotions and make you feel what the old man feels. There are no dialogues or texts, everything is visual.

The game’s idea is to discover the life of the man and make him remember important moments of his life. In order to do this you have to put together the puzzles, complete the landscapes and creating mountains to draw the path that the old man has to follow. The game lasts more than two hours, there is just one story and it costs 5,29$ But if you don’t want to pay for this game, here we show you a free way to download Old man’s journey.

How to download Old man’s journey

If you want to play this amazing game you just have to download Old man’s journey.  Now we will show you different ways to get it. If you are an Android user you have three different ways to get it. First, you can go to the top of this page on your device and tap the download button; wait a few minutes and when it finishes, tap the file and install the APK.

If you are using your computer go to the top of this post and click on the download button. You will get an APK file that you have to transfer to your device. To do this you can use an USB cable or the Bluetooth if you have that option. Once you do this you need to search for the file on your device, to help you can use an app file manager.  When you find it you have to tap it and install it. Last option will be to open the Google Play Store and search for Old man’s journey, download, install and enjoy the game.

To download Old man’s journey on an iOS device you have two different options. The first one is on your smartphone or tablet, open the App Store; once you are here you have to search for Old man’s journey and download it. The second and last option is on your computer, open the App Store on the iTunes program and search for the app and download it. When it finishes you just have to connect your device to your computer and synchronize it with the iTunes program.

Download Old man’s journey

Old man’s journey

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