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We all know the dangers that can be found on the Internet, especially when we surf the Internet without security. Without an encryption of our information any malware or hacker could find our personal information. That is why Orbot will be a very useful tool that you can have on your mobile device. You can download Orbot on your Android so you can save all your information with this excellent proxy.

Do not waste more time surfing in an insecure way on the internet and download this app right now. Now we show you everything you need to know about Orbot and how you can download this amazing app on your Android.

How does Orbot work?

Orbot will protect your device by being linked to Tor; this is an encryption platform on the Internet, with which you can be sure that your information is safe. Orbot with Tor works in this way; alll information that you share with apps or browsing the internet will be protected by the Orbot Proxy. This Proxy will send your personal information to hundreds of Tor computers around the world; so no one can ever find your personal information.

So that you are surer of where your information goes, we explain what Tor is. Tor is a free software platform (like Android) that is responsible for conducting traffic analysis. This analyzes work to protect the privacy of people; with these you can do business, share documents and others being completely safe.

When you download Orbot you can have a real private internet connection. No other Proxy system is as effective as this, so do not waste time and start using this app right now. With this app your encrypted traffic will be completely protected rotating by thousands of computers around the world. These computers will not receive your encrypted data but will never know who sent them or where they came from. This app has been rated excellent by many means, including the New York Times.

With this app you can get privacy and guaranteed security of all the information you have on your device. You can also get an internet browsing and completely private chat services using these services. Orbot also has browser extensions and instant messaging service, in case you want even more security. Fully protect your Android device with this amazing app.

How to download Orbot?

Orbot is an app that you can download only on Android devices. Download Orbot is very simple; You can find the app by going to Google Play and searching by name. But you can also download the APK very easily from our website. For that you only have to go to the ‘download’ button that you will find at the beginning of this post. As simple as that you can start to protect all the information you share on your device with Orb.

Although there is no Orbe app for iOS, you can have the extensions, such as the Orbot browser and the instant messaging app. Start right now to use this amazing app, download Orbot on your Android now!

Download Orbot


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