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Social media is very entertaining, especially if you are using Pinterest. This platform allows you to enjoy different multimedia content, like images and videos. Show people your talents and more through this app, and create your boards to stay creative and inspired. However, if the main version of this app is too heavy for your device, then you need to download Pinterest Lite. This is an app that will improved the performance of the app and your device too.

Pinterest is a popular platform where people upload their creations. You can have fun here creating different boards, add pins, comment what you like and watch different content that you love. This is the place to find motivation, inspiration and stay creative. So, if you want to know more about this app and how to get it, keep reading this post.

Discover all the things that this app has for you

If you have already use Pinterest, then you will love how this app is the same as the main one, but it has better features. It works exactly the same. You can upload images and videos still, and watch all the pins on your feed. The app will work faster since it takes less time to load. You can still save pins on your board, add comments, like videos and share with friends if you want. Personalize your post and have fun with this app, as always. The main difference of this app is that it will help you to save mobile data, RAM space, battery life, and even storage space.

This app it is improved so you can download content easily using less mobile data. Load your images and videos while caring your mobile data plan. Also, it takes less time to load, so you don’t have to wait much to see all the content you want. And since these type of multimedia apps consumes a lot of mobile data, with this version you can be sure that you are saving.

The app also helps you to save space storage and battery capacity. The app is a smaller version, so it doesn’t need so much storage space. But also, since the performance of the app is better and optimized, it needs less resources on your device to work properly, this means that you can save some battery even though you are using it normally.

With this app you can also save some RAM space, which will help your device to work faster and without lagging any app. Since Pinterest Lite is optimized, it will take less resources to work.

How to download Pinterest Lite?

If you want to download Pinterest Lite right now you can just tap on the download button that is on the bottom of this post. Once you do it, choose your device system, download the app and wait a couple of minutes until it is completely installed on your device.

Pinterest Lite is available also in the Google Play Store or in the App Store. This app is available for free in any device, so you can download it now.

Download Pinterest Lite

Pinterest Lite

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