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We all love music, and we all listen to music all the time. With technology, this activity got easier because you can find music in every place. However, you need a good app to find all your favorite artist and listen to all your music with great quality, and to this, you need to download Spotify. This is a very popular service where you can find every artist and song you want to listen.

Spotify is a streaming service, extremely popular nowadays because you can listen to everything you want to in here. You probably already heard of Spotify, but if you still haven’t try it, on this post we will explain to you everything you need to know about, how to use it and how to get it.

Get Spotify today and listen all your favorite artist

As we mentioned before, Spotify is a streaming service, which means that you can listen to your songs without waiting for it to download it or anything. As soon as you press play, the song will start playing without interruptions. And the best thing is that most artistst have their songs there, so you can find everything you want on this service.

To use this app you need to download Spotify first. Once you get the app on your phone, you need to open it and register or login. To use it you need to subscribe first, put all your personal info and then you will have your account ready. You will see the main page where you find the trends and songs displayed by genres. You can tap on one of these lists and see all the songs that are in them. You can also search for the song or artist you want in the search bar at the top.

In this service you can also choose to discover new music in “explorer”. This will show you new songs that are specially selected for you and your taste because Spotify will record your favorite songs and genres and will show you similar songs to you. This way, you will always get new recommendations of artist, albums and songs.

Also, on this app you can listen to a podcast. On Spotify you can find the majority of popular podcast and every one of their episodes. You just need to look for the name of it and then choose the episode you want to hear.

How to download Spofity?

If you want to download Spotify right now you just need to go at the top of this post and tap on the download button. This will take you a new page where you need to choose the device system and then it will take you to the right source to get it.

This app is available for free for Android and iOS devices. So, you can also get it in the Google Play Store or in the App Store easily and quickly. Remember that the app is free but you need to subscribe to the service monthly of annually.

Download Spotify


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