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If you are looking for an interesting, addictive and entertaining game, then you should download Temple Run 2. The previous version of this game was a big hit with millions of downloads and it was praised for the great design, beautiful graphics and the simplicity of the game. Now, this sequel it has what is good about the last one, but with new features that makes it way more fun!

We can guarantee you that this game will caught you for hours. It is easy to understand, easy to play but also, is highly addictive and entertaining. It can be played by kids or adults, and no matter the age, they will be all invested on the game. So, if you want to know more about how to play it and how to download Temple Run 2, keep reading this post where we tell you everything.

What’s new in Temple Run 2?

The prequel of this game was a big hit. If you already know it, then you won’t have any problems understanding this new version but be sure that you will have way more fun. Now, if you never played the original version, then you must know a few things about this game. First of all, the main idea of it is that you stole a precious gem, but it was doomed. Now you have to escape from a giant monkey!

Basically, you will be in a huge labyrinth. It is a big temple with cliffs, zip lines, forest, mines and so much more. You have now in your hands the cursed idol, so you need to run faster to escape the giant monkey. But is not that easy, of course, you will have many obstacles in front of you that you will need to avoid, jump, slide and more.

The new version is basically the same plot, but you will have a few different things: the design, for example, has changed a bit. Now you have different realistic environments that you have to go through. Every one of them has an amazing graphic design, colorful and very attractive that will make you want to play more.

You will also have special powers for every character, so choose carefully and learn how to use this powers. At the same time, there are now more and new powerups that will help you to cross every level faster. And finally, you will also see that there are now more achievements and new challenging obstacles!

As you can see, this is an amazing sequel that is very entertaining. So, if you want to download Temple Run 2 right now, keep reading to find out how to do it.

How to download Temple Run 2?

If you want to download Temple Run 2 APK right now, you can just go at the top of this post and tap on the download button. Choose your device system, Android or iOS, and then download the file. Once you have it, install it and it will be ready to play. You can also find this game in the Google Play Store or in the App Store for free.

Download Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

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