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Getting a taxi in any city can be a problem. Maybe there are many but not all of them are safe; this becomes a huge problem if you are hurry or you just do not like to take a bus. Uber is not just a company to provide you a taxi; it is a company of private transportation and services, how they say “Everyone’s Private Driver”. They count with registered drivers so their clients can feel safe and more comfortable. This company started on March 2009, created by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, started in San Francisco. There is located the headquarters, but it is actually working in more than 310 cities of all over the world, and even when there are many companies that offer similar services, Uber keeps being the best of this kind. Here we show you how to use and download Uber.

Features on Uber

 Uber offers multiple benefits to the users, but not just to them also to the drivers; the most important feature of Uber is that connects faster and directly to the clients and workers. Also, you can see what other people say about some driver; you can leave comments and rank it. Another great thing about this app is that offers different services depending on the model of the car; Uber x are cars not from before 2006; Uber xl cars with a capacity from 6 to 8 people; Uber black, this offers dark cars and latest models; Uber Pool offers you the option to share the car with other clients with a common destiny; Uber Eats is a delivery food service. Definitely you have to download Uber so you can go anywhere in the easiest and safest way.

How to download Uber?

To download Uber is fast and easy, there are different ways to do it; the first option is if you are Android user and you are using your device right now. Go to the top of the page and click the ‘download’ button. If you are using your computer right now, you can do the same; go to the top of the page and click on the bottom, after this connect your device and transfer the APK file, use and USB cable or the Bluetooth. After this look for the file on your device, you can use a file manager app to help you, after finding it, tap it and install it. The last option is, on your device open the google store, search for Uber and download the app.

But if you don’t use android, and instead you use iOS and you want this app, you can visit the app store on your device, search for it and tap download. In the case that you want to do it on your pc, you can open the iTunes program and once there open the app store, in there you have to search for Uber and download it, then connect your device and synchronized.

Having uber can give you multiple benefits, so don’t wait anymore and start to use it. You will be safe and you will have your personal private driver whenever you want, easy and fast.

Download Uber


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