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In the world of technology you can find millions of tv shows, movies and videos to watch; but finding the right media player is fundamental in order to enjoy the full experience of watching this videos. VLC media player for Android is one of the most complete media players out there. It is multiplatform; this means that it can be used in a lot of different platforms including windows, iOS, Linux and of course Android. You can download VLC for Android to start enjoying all its tools right now.

Features on VLC

VLC for Android is an incredible app that offers multiple benefits to their users; one of them is that you can watch videos of almost every format, including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, etc; it also supports almost every format of subtitles and you can modified them.

Another great feature is that includes a media library for audio and video files and allows you to create folders to organize your files and help you to find them quicker. It also includes a widget for audio control, including an equalizer and filters so you can adapt the audios to your speakers in order to make it better.

One of the best features is that VLC for Android destined for everybody, this means that is totally free. It does not include publicity or ads, it does not include any in-app-purchases, and you have protection against spies. Also, you can stream whatever you are watching at any time so you will be available to share content with your friends and other people. Download VLC for Android now.

How to download VLC

If you want to download VLC for Android you have to follow simple steps. There are three different ways to download t VLC for Android. The first option is if you are reading this on your device. On this page you have to go to the top of the page and tap on the download button. Wait a few minutes until the download finishes and then tap on the file and install it.

The second option that you have is if you are reading this on your computer you can click on exactly the same download button. Wait till it finishes and you will get an APK file. The next step is transferring this file to your smartphone or tablet, to do this you can connect your device to the computer using an USB cable or using the Bluetooth.

After this you have to search for the file on your device, to do this you can use an app file manage; once you find it you have to tap it and install it. The last option is on your device go to the Google Play Store. Once there you have to search for VLC for Android, then tap it and download it. Wait till it finishes install and star enjoying this incredible app.

In the case that you love to watch videos, tv shows and movies anywhere and anytime this app was made for you, download VLC for Android and enjoy the benefits that this app offers you.

Download VLC


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